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It's grrrreat!  Werewolf 2 is out- FOR FREE!

It's grrrreat! Werewolf 2 is out- FOR FREE!

Posted by Nycci on 16th Feb 2023

You asked for additional mechanics and expanded rules for your Garou chronicle. You wanted to know a few more cool tricks that those who followed the Wyrm could do. You even wanted to know where a few additional Fera were hiding.

From across the Caerns of the world, we heard your request!

We are proud to offer the MET Werewolf- V2 PDF as a free download on our website. This is our way of showing appreciation to all of our enthusiastic Garou fans.

As Jason Herman, the main writer, said in the foreword:

"As a lifelong fan of the World of Darkness and all its settings I began this project right after helping to develop Vampire the Masquerade Volume 2 for By Night Studios. Werewolf the Apocalypse has always had so many amazing source books we could probably spend years converting them to LARP books. In the same vein as our vampire supplements I’ve been honored to release this passion project under the Dark Pack as an official By Night Studios addon for our MET: Werewolf the Apocalypse venue. This is a free supplement for all the fans of Werewolf, I hope you enjoy it."

This PDF includes:

Chapter 1- Fera and Tribe specific Flaws
Chapter 2- Auspice Gifts
Chapter 3- Additional Rites
Chapter 4- Optional Rules
Chapter 5- Additional Fera
Chapter 6- Gifts of the Wyrm

Also available- the PDF of our core MET- Werewolf the Apocalypse book !