War of Ages

MET Vampire - War of Ages provides inspiration, guidance, and tools for developing immersive V5 games with a focus on setting and fiction. The book, available in hardcover or PDF, will include practical sections that highlight the “Nordic” styles of gaming and that delve into how to bring the Larp experience to one’s game through both in-person and online play, and will include suggestions and guidelines for Storytellers and players alike. 

MET Vampire - War of Ages is written using various "in-game" voices and supplemented by “designer voice" sections that concretely lay out how to utilize the information and ideas presented. The book will also include amazing new art work from Kamila "Louve" Maƛlak (
BNS Vampire: The Masquerade Volume 2 and BNS Changeling: The Dreaming), Krzysztof Bieniawski (Vampire: The Masquerade V5 Sabbat), Kera Now (BNS Vampire: The Masquerade Volume 2), Mars Howard (BNS Vampire: The Masquerade Volume 2), and introducing James Johnson!

Live-action roleplaying is one of the most exciting, fun, and impactful ways to experience Vampire, and it is ready to experience its next evolution. MET Vampire - War of Ages represents this evolution by fusing traditional LARP with the collaborate Nordic style of Larp and updating Mind’s Eye Theatre - Vampire: The Masquerade to V5 (the fifth edition). We are looking forward to welcoming new players into this hobby that we all love!