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Terms of Community

BNS Terms of Community


By participating in By Night Studios’ official Discord, forums, social media and other forms of communication with By Night Studios, you agree to abide by our Terms of Community. Abusing these guidelines may result in your removal from the forums of communication either temporarily or permanently (banned).

 By Night Studios (BNS) is an 18+ organization dedicated to the creation, support and enjoyment of content, community and fandom for the World of Darkness (™). We support these goals by providing a place free of fear of harassment, prejudice or discrimination. We are sensitive to ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy a positive experience within our community. Behavior that is overly aggressive, toxic or is a general nuisance to the community will not be tolerated. 

 We support those individuals who wish to be part of the community and show their support and enjoyment of a shared fandom. We do not tolerate individuals who plagiarize material of By Night Studios, Paradox or any other affiliate company or creator. 

 Those individuals found in violation of the above Terms of Community may, at our determination, receive a warning regarding their behavior or actions. Additional instances of rule-breaking will be met with removal from part of all forums within the community. If your behavior is unacceptable or you use our community for illegal activities, you will immediately be removed from the community without warning.


  1. Freedom of Speech and Expression - By Night Studios supports the concepts of free speech and expression.  However, direct attacks against another member of the community (participant or staff) will result in minimum of a warning/one week ban for first offense up to permanent ban for repeat offenses.  

  1. Advertising - We ask that you do not advertise on our forums or social media without first receiving permission and approval from our Community Managers or Social Media director. We want to help you promote your event or game! We ask that you do no more than one promotional post (though you may provide information to anyone who asks for information in subsequent posts). If you need more promotional exposure beyond that, please reach out to us through our customer support contact and we will be happy to assist you with marketing your event. Repeated spamming of announcements without approval may result in a one week suspension (first offense) up to a permanent ban (repeated offenses)   

  1. Politics - The real world is constantly changing and not always for the best. We ask that you refrain from talking about real world politics. We strive to create a positive and welcoming space regardless of views and beliefs. A first offense is a verbal warning, repeated offenses may result in a one week ban per offense.  

  1. Negativity - We know that there are always going to be different views on *splats/versions, events, clubs, etc. It is okay to have those opinions! What we do ask is to check the negativity at the door. We are very interested in constructive criticism and feedback. However, please be aware that quite a bit of hard work, countless hours, tears and dedication is put into the products and events. Rants, toxic and negative behavior and repeated negative comments are not acceptable or welcome. Those engaging in this behavior will receive a verbal warning with repeated behavior resulting in a week off up to permanent ban for serious offenses. Be the positive change you want to see.  

  1. NSFW Content - NSFW content is not allowed on social media under any circumstances. On Discord, we have designated specific NSFW channels for this purpose. Please note, a first offense will result in a verbal warning, though repeat offenses will result in up to a permanent ban depending on the severity.  

  1. Plagiarism - Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated. This will result in an immediate and permanent ban.


A 90 day review period is in place where an individual who has been removed from the community may request access to the community once again. The request must be submitted in writing to the following email:


Reporting Guidelines

If you find someone who is in violation of the above Terms of Community, please reach out to a member of By Night Studios or contact with a link to the issue or a screenshot.