About By Night Studios

At By Night Studios, we carry the honor of being the officially licensed publisher for Paradox's World of Darkness' Mind's Eye Theatre products. Our footprint extends globally, and we are driven by a singular purpose: to ignite a new golden age for the Mind's Eye Theatre experience set in the World of Darkness.

Our dedicated team comprises avid enthusiasts of the World of Darkness and ardent supporters of Live Action games. Among us are seasoned professionals from the gaming industry who have contributed to the creation and marketing of World of Darkness products and have played pivotal roles in orchestrating Mind's Eye Theatre events.

Since its inception in 1993, Mind's Eye Theatre has been a trendsetter in immersive and interactive entertainment, adding a dynamic and interactive layer to the realm of role-playing games.

Our pledge remains steadfast: To consistently deliver top-tier, innovative Mind's Eye Theatre products that cater to both seasoned and new fans alike. We are here to keep the magic of the World of Darkness alive!