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Social Media Policy

All By Night Studios forums of communication are intended to provide an open forum for the By Night Studios community.  These forums include channels such as X (formerly Twitter), Meta (formerly Facebook), Instagram, Discord, email, and other social media forums. 

To maintain this community as both open and welcoming, all users should read and follow the policy as listed below.  By using the online forums and participating in discussions either as an active or passive participant, all users are all affirming their willingness to comply with the terms as listed below.

This policy has been created to provide each user with an updated terms of engagement and information as well as address any questions that may arise regarding the use or participation of social media and social forums.

Rules of Conduct

The following are considered rules of conduct and are defined as conduct, content and contact.

The following are considered restricted conduct which may result in warnings or up to permanently banning on all social forums.

  • Trolling

  • Flaming

  • Personal attacks

  • Harassment

  • Doxxing

  • Racism & Discrimination

  • Hate Speech

  • Sexism

  • Spamming

  • Impersonation


Abuse of BNS Staff and other community members

By Night Studios operates a zero tolerance policy on abuse. This extends to both members of the By Night Studios staff and other members of the community.  This includes not just personal attacks, but also trolling, “outing” of BNS employees, doxxing, and other forms of attack.

By Night Studios forums and social media channels are designed to connect players across a global network who enjoy a shared hobby and environment and do so in a manner that is polite, welcoming and engaging.  Those individuals who attack or abuse employees of BNS, volunteers or other community members will be permanently banned from all forums. By Night Studios will not tolerate nor support any behavior which violates this code of conduct.