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Werewolf Legacy Errata


The following list provides corrections and updates to the rules published in Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse from By Night Studios. This information supersedes the material found in that book. 


 Age of Tragedy:  The War of Rage: Page 40

Remove “and Khan” from the ninth paragraph: The Simba fortified Africa, driving the Silent Striders from their lands.


Ananasi: Economy of Blood, Page 136

[3 lines were dropped from the last paragraph, it now reads as follows]

Blood for additional actions must be spent during the Everyman round and work the same as Rage Rounds. It is not possible Blood to fuel Gifts during Rage round. The expenditure of Blood to fuel Gifts follow all of the same rules as Gnosis.

Black Furies: Page 70

Revise the following sentence in the eighth paragraph to read as follows: Those who identify as having the hearts of women also received the blessing of Artemis and have been welcomed to the tribe.

Silver Fangs: Page 107

The expanded lifespan described in the first paragraph works the same as the merit Longevity (Page 318). 

Ananasi: Economy of Blood, Page 136

A line was dropped from the last paragraph:

Blood for additional actions must be spent during the Everyman round and work the same as Rage Rounds.


Gorgan’s Gaze: Page 216


This Gift only affects powers that require Gaze and Focus or Line of Sight to target you. Powers such as Wolf Senses do not get around this power.  Mundane attacks such as Firearms are not modified by Gorgan’s Gaze. 

Friend in Need: Page 218


Friend in Need should be listed as a rank 5, rather than a rank 3 gift.

Survivor: Page 219


Survivor should be listed as a rank 3, rather than a rank 5 gift.

Take a Bullet: Page 219

Revise sentence: Expend 1 point of Gnosis to gain a bonus simple action, every round, for the remainder of the turn.

Focus [Charisma]

Add sentence: To block a mental or social power, you must be within 3 steps of the target you are defending.

Paper Butterfly: Page 238

Clarification: There seems to be some confusion about the following line: “The flock swoops and envelops you for 1 turn, obscuring you from your enemies and making it impossible for you to be targeted by any ranged attack OR power THAT requires gaze and focus.”

This power blocks any ranged attack that requires gaze and focus. This power blocks any power that requires gaze and focus. Storytellers may elect to give the Lying Prone bonus to a character protected with Paper Butterfly.

Honor’s Revenge: Page 223

Add an Exceptional Success:

Exceptional Success

The burden imposed by the weight of your honor is overpowering. On your opponent's next action, if she wishes to take a movement action, she must spend a standard action to do so.

Predatory Terror: Page 255

Revise sentence to read: Characters immune to fox frenzy, such as Get of Fenris with the merit: Skaldi's Resolve, are likewise immune to this power.

Razor Claws: Page 267

Strike the rogue affinities listed at the end of this power, specially “Affinities: Ragabash, Homid”

Umbral Tether: Page 279

The correct affinities for this gift are listed below.

Affinities: Theurge, Metis

Forge of the Fetish: Page 282

Missing Test Pool: Mental attribute + Occult + Rank versus Special (for more information on the static difficulty for creating a Fetish, see Chapter Fifteen Overview of Fetish Creation: Page 732)

Aegis of Rage: Page 293

Place first paragraph in system with the following:

At the beginning of each turn, you can spend 1 point of Gnosis to activate Aegis of Rage. You can activate this power when in frenzy; this is an exception to the rule preventing the activation of gifts in frenzy. If you do, you forego all Regeneration benefits from Rage for the current turn. Instead, your Rage track gains the following abilities, which last the entire Turn, including Rage rounds.


The Quick and the Dead (2 point merit): page 308

Revise the following sentence to read as follows: You may create this wraith as a 3-dot Stock NPC that acts as a loyal retainer, using the wraith rules in the Allies and Antagonist section (see Chapter Fourteen: Allies and Antagonists, Others, Denizens, Wraiths, page 693).

Longevity (1 point merit): Page 318

This merit may not be purchased by a character that already possesses an enhanced lifespan, such as a Silver Fang.


Bite Mechanics: Page 368

The first paragraph of this section is missing. Here is the text below:

When a Garou attempts to perform The Bite on a new, viable target, she must spend 1 point of Gnosis while successfully making a biting attack, in order to infuse the target with gnostic energy. Afterwards, the target must make a static challenge using a test pool consisting of her Mental attribute + Survival skill against a difficulty rating of 15. If the target fails this challenge, the Bite has become corrupted, and she will not survive her First Change. Her death may come immediately, or it may come during the 28-day incubation period, but the death is inevitable.

Form Benefits: Page 373

There was an error in the Form Benefits chart on page 373. If there is a contradiction between this chart and the information presented from Chapter Three: Garou and Fera, use the information from the Fera section. 

The updated Form Benefits chart can be found here:

Frenzy Static Challenge: Page 379

Revise the following sentence to read: If a character has entered the third stage or higher of Wyrm Taint, she falls into Thrall of the Wyrm Frenzy instead.

Quests: Step Three: Run the Scenario: Page 392 (Clarification)

There seems to be some confusion about the following line: “Every member of the party suffers the consequences selected, including the quest leader.”

This line refers to the quest party members that had to select a consequence in Task One. Only those party members that tied or fail in Task One must endure a consequence in Task Two, not the entire party.

 Quests: Page 398

Strike the example using Fast Learning as it was removed from the final version of MET: Werewolf.

Werewolf Physiology: Page 360


[Add the following bullet point]

  • Shapechangers are able to innately understand each other, no matter what form they are currently in. Kinfolk can freely communicate with shapeshifters that are currently in the form that matches their natural state.


Rite of Acceptance: Page 546

Fera that complete the Rite of Acceptance are considered members of the Garou Nation.

Spiritual Defenders: Page 526

Revised paragraph: Spiritual Defenders: Spirits that make a sept their home receive energy from the gnostic power that flows through their sept. For more information, see Chapter Twelve: Caerns, page 569 or 573.



Creating Totems: Page 623

Revise the following sentence to read: A pack totem’s avatar is generated as a Stock NPC rating equal to the bonuses available to the totem, based on the pack diversity. For more information, see Chapter Four: Character Creation, Step Eight: Assign Additional Backgrounds, Background Descriptions, Totems, page 201.


Creating Talens: Page 717

Replace sentence: "Talens are created according to the following table, and are produced in quantities of 3."