V2 Backer Program Update

V2 Backer Program Update

The Backer Program for the long awaited expansion of the ultimate edition of Mind’s Eye Theatre Vampire: The Masquerade runs from now until January 31, 2021. Learn more at and secure your support at


The mission of By Night Studios is to inspire, support, and to build ethically and sustainably a new and enduring Golden Age of Mind’s Eye Theatre Live Action Roleplaying in the World of Darkness empowered by technology.

We start this Backer Program update with a heartfelt thank you! The bulk of the sales of a product like this happen during these backer programs. The community's support makes this book possible. As of writing, our Backer Program is outperforming all our expectations and we owe it all to you!

Here is a summary of what we have done in just the past week:

  1. We launched our Backer Program at;
  2. We announced the return of physical editions of Mind’s Eye Theatre books! For the first time since 2016 a new Mind’s Eye Theatre release will have a physical edition;
  3. We sold out of our premium Caine/Lilith Tier within 24 hours of launch;
  4. We sold out of our second premium Antediluvian Tier within 48 hours of launch;
  5. We announced the MET System Reference Document (“SRD”) Web-based Application to be available starting in February with content from all current Vampire materials and the upcoming book;
  6. We released two 30 minute preview videos in partnership with Southampton by Night previewing new Thaumaturgy paths, new Necromancy paths, the Nagaraja, and a host of new clan flaws and rituals;
  7. We held a two hour live AMA Townhall with our community where we answered over a hundred questions and we have scheduled another AMA for January 17, 2021 at 8:00 pm EST;
  8. We previewed the new Enlightened status on our social media and via email;and
  9. In just seven days we are more than 50% towards our first threshold goal of being able to release the MET SRD App to the community without charge as a tool for getting new players involved in the game!

We have much more still to come! Stay with us till the end.

12th Jan 2021 Ryan Aughtry

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