New and Updated Discipline Rules: Protean

Posted by Ryan A on 18th Sep 2020

Transformative Flesh

Protean ●●●●● ●

Legends of the Gangrel and their ability to adapt to virtually any environment permeate vampire lore. Some ignorant fools believe the stories of swords shattering and bullets flattening against immortal skin to be exaggerated reports of the effects of Fortitude. The truth is far more insidious. With your mastery of Protean, you can adapt your very skin and flesh to become a flexible armor mirroring stone, marble, or whatever you need to survive.


To activate Transformative Flesh, spend 1 Blood and a simple action. Your skin changes texture and color as it transforms into unnatural armor. You may select any two Protective Gear qualities (see MET: VTM: Protective Gear, page 518) and apply them to your skin. As a reminder, you may not benefit from the same quality twice. Once these qualities are applied to your Transformative Flesh, they are not affected by the Armor Piercing quality. Transformative Flesh is considered a minor transformation power (see MET: VTM, Vol 2, Chapter Four: New Disciplines, page xx). The effects of this power last for 15 minutes. If you wish to change the Protective Gear qualities, you must reactivate Transformative Flesh. The use of Transformative Flesh is considered a Masquerade breach if witnessed by mortals.

Ghost Body

Protean ●●●●● ●●

The Beast that stirs within you is capable of extraordinary feats. Through your communion with your Beast, you possess the ability to become completely incorporeal, granting you the opportunity to walk through walls, avoid physical attacks, or even take flight as you ignore the bounds of physics.


Spend 3 Blood and your standard action to transform into an incorporeal, though visible, being. This effect persists for one hour unless you elect to end it early. You may extend this effect by spending 2 additional points of Blood each hour. While in Ghost Body, you cannot initiate or be the target of any physical challenges, though you may still initiate or be targeted by Social or Mental powers. You are also immune to any powers that damage your body, such as Death of the Drum and Horrid Reality (as you are aware your body cannot be damaged); however, you can be harmed by powers that damage your mind, such as Psychic Assault. You cannot physically interact with the world, spirits, ghosts, or any other Vampire utilizing Ghost Body; however, you may still speak and be heard by others. While in Ghost Body, you can pass through solid items such as walls or floors. You may ignore gravity though you continue to move at your normal walking speed.

Shattered Fog

Protean ●●●●● ●

Cunning and opportune timing often trump brute strength and limitless speed. Your knowledge of Protean allows you to rapidly diffuse into cloud of fog allowing swords and bullets to harmlessly pass through you. When you reform seconds later to strike back your opponents are left befuddled and off-balance.


When successfully attacked by a power that does damage to you, you can reflexively spend 2 Blood to temporarily shift into Form of Mist thereby negating the damage done to you. Once the damage is negated you immediately revert to your previous form. You cannot use this power to avoid attacks that are fire-based, such as Lure of Flames or weapons with the Flaming quality, or mental effects like Psychic Assault.

Mythic Form

Protean ●●●●● ●●

Elders of Clan Gangrel have been known to express their cultural roots by adopting mythical beast forms from their homelands and testing their destructive limits. Although a distinct violation of the Camarilla’s Masquerade and the Sabbat’s Silence of the Blood, few who witness your transformation into a creature of myth or legend find themselves able to report you.


When using Shape of the Beast you have the ability to transform into a more powerful Mythic Form. When you activate Shape of the Beast you may spend 2 additional Blood to assume a stronger and larger version of your standard Fight Form or you may select a new one altogether. Your Mythic Form can be a creature that has become extinct or a creature out of legend. For example, a Megafauna or Cryptid form (such as a Giant Sloth or Chimera) is a viable option for Mythic Form. When you activate Mythic Form, select two of the following qualities that combine with your bonuses from Shape of the Beast:

  • Agile: Your muscles and joints shift in awkward and extraordinary ways. You gain a +3 bonus to Dodge-based defensive test pools.
  • Avian: You can fly at your normal movement speed.
  • Defensive Spikes: You are covered with spikes or barbs. Anyone who succeeds against

    you with a Brawl attack takes 3 points of normal damage.

  • Poisonous: Mortals struck by your Brawl attacks are immediately wracked with pain.

    This agony prevents any form of activity other than screaming helplessly. Mortals will die within three turns unless they receive medical attention. Supernatural creatures affected by your poison suffer a -2 penalty to their Physical attribute for the next hour. Penalties from the Poisonous quality are not cumulative.

  • Slick: Your body is slick and hairless. You can spend a simple action to automatically escape from a Grapple.
  • Tough: Your skin becomes mutated into tough scaly armor with extra bulk that grants

    you 4 additional Healthy wound levels.

  • Vicious: You receive an additional +3 bonus to Brawl-based attack test pools.

As with Shape of the Beast, when in your Mythic Form you may only make Brawl attacks. If you have the merit Shape of the Beast’s Wrath, you must choose to either receive the benefits of that merit or use this power. Mythic Form is a major transformative power and cannot be combined with other major transformative powers.