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Like free? Try the SRD!

Like free? Try the SRD!

Posted by Silja on 9th Feb 2023

Thanks to the support of our fans, By Night Studios is happy to announce that the MET: Vampire SRD just hit a major milestone!
3 MILLION page views since its launch in early 2021!
31,000+ unique user!
This is an incredible goal to hit - let’s see if we can increase that goalpost in 2023!

The SRD is our free online tool where you can find the rules from the 20213 Core book and current expansions, for free!  A great tool to use when on-the-go or at a larp!
We have focused on providing both a Desktop and Mobile friendly format; designed to have quick access to every clan and bloodline along with disciplines, merits, and flaws that have been taken from all three source books (VtM Volume 1, Volume 2 Issue 1, and Volume 2 release!); it includes over 100 sortable and searchable rituals from all three source books including Thaumaturgy, Necromancy, and Abyss Mysticism (pssst... easter egg... and something else not yet officially announced!),  over 100 techniques from all three sources in a sortable and searchable format based on prerequisite and title; over 200 Merits and Flaws from all three source books in one searchable and sortable interface; and all of the skills, attributes, and backgrounds found in the three source books!