The most anticipated Vampire Larp book of all time!

The most anticipated Vampire Larp book of all time!

To all of our supporters:

On October the 6th, the Kickstarter for MET Vampire: The Masquerade - War of Ages will begin! MET Vampire - War of Agesis a work of creativity and art that has been a labor of love and dedication for many individuals. You can follow the project at: MET Vampire - War of Ages Kickstarter .

We are pleased to introduce you to the talented writer who is key to making MET Vampire - War of Ages Kickstarter a reality: Juhana Pettersson. Many of you may be familiar with Juhana from the V5 Vampire: The Masquerade Anarch book and from other amazing works including Chernobyl Mon Amour, States of Play: Nordic Larp Around the World, and the award-nominated Vampire: The Masquerade Nordic-style Larp “End of the Line”.

In 2018, Juhana Pettersson was awarded the Golden Dragon award — a highly prestigious award given to those individuals in Finland who contribute to non-digital games. Juhana has also collaborated on a number of other books and games, as well as writing and producing Nordic-style events with participation ranging from a handful of individuals to over 200 participants.

Juhana’s creativity and expertise in the various aspects of Nordic-style gaming has been a major factor in the continued success of Nordic-style live action events across the world.

By Night Studios, LLC, is excited to partner with Juhana to create MET Vampire - War of Ages Kickstarter, a creative guide introducing Nordic-style gaming to Vampire the Masquerade as told in the voice of opposing factions vying for power and prestige. In addition to an introduction to Nordic LARP, MET Vampire - War of Ages Kickstarter will feature information on the elusive Ashirra faction as well as an expansion of in-game positions previously not defined.

We thank you for your support and look forward to the stories that we will cultivate and share.

5th Oct 2021 By Night Studios

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