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Larp Lite

Larp Lite is our newest game system concept, currently in early alpha playtesting. 

Developed as a gateway LARP system to facilitate introducing LARP and the World of Darkness to new audiences.

The goal is to create a system that is simple and engaged audiences with no knowledge of the game to play it without needing to read all the rulebooks first.  This stems from the realization that the thousands of pages or lore and rules that exist for our (and other) game systems are a huge barrier to entry.

What we came up with is a simple card based system that will allow players to have clear understanding of their powers and a balanced limit on the use of said powers.  The set up is to have a hook for a short game at a social event (works for parties to conventions).  The hook details the overview of the game and setting for the session and should not stretch past a couple paragraphs. All of these sheets are kept short, generic and are thus interchangeable. Game play is very lightweight, there are no tests or challenges, there is just role play and power expenditures.