Volume 2 - MET: VTM

Posted by Ryan A on 18th Sep 2020

As previously stated in our Facebook and Discord communications By Night Studios plans to release an omnibus version of Volume 2 including all issues (1-3) along with updated setting information. We are doing this in place of the original release schedule of each issue on Storyteller’s Vault. In the meanwhile, please enjoy access to the standalone Issue 1 of V2 on the Vault at zero cost or contact us for a copy of the pdf.

We absolutely thank from the bottom of our heart everyone who supported the By Night Studios Writers by purchasing a copy of Volume 2 Issue 1 from the Vault. We think you will be very pleased when the omnibus version is released. And we look forward to sharing more teasers of Volume 2 Powers and Mechanics on our social media over the coming months.

p.s Stay tuned in the coming few weeks for a few more exciting announcements


Ryan Aughtry

President of By Night Studios