Changeling RPS Metal Cards

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Expected release date is 1st Oct 2020


You have a sneak peak into a new limited-quantity product for fans of Changeling the Dreaming!  3 steel cards,  one side the beautiful Luna Moth and the other side a Rock, Scissor, or Paper Airplane.  We do not have the final metal cuts of this product but we have a sample early design - and we are in love already!

The creative design provided to our metal smith and lazer engravers will be very similar in output to what we present here. 

All Changeling backers are getting first dibs to the -100- sets we are making.  After they are gone, we will not be ordering more. All Backers get 25% off everything in this category!

We assure you - the clinking noises are amazing ;) The tactile will also be splendid!

Product will come wrapped in a cellophane or small box packaging. We are still settling this.  We are expecting the product to be ready for shipping by Oct 1 (Ahem - of this year - 2020). 

Product specs: 63*88*0.5mm Matte black Laser Silver Etched & printed colors

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